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5-year Repair Warranty

We have RE-IMAGINED the roof repair warranty process.

We offer something that no other roofing company in the Pittsburgh Pa/Morgantown Wv area does. We will warranty our workmanship on a repair for up to 5 years! This produces great savings for our customers. Our reps perform a complimentary 19 point roof inspection of your roof and attic space. This is revolutionary in the roofing industry. Most roofing contractors do not even have a repair team to service you, let alone warranty their repairs for 5 years!




We perform a PAR analysis of the roof to see if it qualifies for our 5-year repair warranty. We inspect to see if your roof is up to PAR; Pliable, Adhesiveness, and Repairable.
Rejuvenating the roof adds the pliability and adhesion back into the asphalt shingles allowing us to repair the brittleness of the shingles, and have them adhere down like new again. This process coupled with our repair qualifies your roof repair for a 5-year warranty.


Roofs are essential to the functionality of our homes. They protect our loved ones from extreme weather, increase a home’s curb appeal, and have a major impact on its energy efficiency. Our expert Pittsburgh/Morgantown roof repair services prepare your home for anything the weather throws its way. Staying on top of roof repairs will extend the roof’s life by many years, so it’s worth the investment.

Getting repairs done immediately will prevent leaks from occurring, which will keep your home protected from costly damages. Small leaks can quickly grow and destroy insulation while allowing mold and mildew to flourish. Mold and mildew can result in significant health problems for you and your loved ones inside the home. In addition, when leaks are allowed to flourish, they can cause flooding that results in thousands of dollars in damage. Necessary repairs should be handled ASAP, so contact MHI Roofing today for an inspection!



Be wary of these “storm chasers” because they may disappear after leaving you with subpar roofing repairs. This means you’ll have very little luck recovering the money you invested into your repairs while also having to pay for additional repairs. MHI Roofing takes great pride in performing quality repairs while maintaining a clear line of communication with every client.

Roof repairs are certainly an investment, so it’s a good idea to choose a roofing company that is known for providing excellent service and using only the best materials. MHI Roofing wants to make your roof repair process as painless as possible with friendly customer service, straightforward information, and a team of experts committed to quality craftsmanship. You can trust us with all your roof repair needs.


Roofs are burdened with some pretty severe weather. Hailstorms, wind, rain, and other events can take a major toll on roofs over the years. We know the deep impact of a severe storm, and we pride ourselves on being able to handle roof repairs quickly and affordably while using quality materials and expert techniques. MHI Roofings’ team of experts is here to handle all your roof repair needs, from small leaks to damaged shingles. If you’re having roofing troubles, contact us today.

*Some exclusions apply to our 5-year repair warranty
**Ask to see our 5-year repair warranty for all exclusion details

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Secret Identity
Secret Identity
01:16 20 Apr 23
Following major wind and storm damage and after emergency tarps were put on the roof (tarps not pictured below), we made contact with MHI Roofing on a Saturday. The following Tuesday (yep, 3 days later!) Jethro showed up on time and did a thorough inspection. We decided to go with MHI Roofing for 4 reasons:1) They are an established small business. They only do roofs (every shingle day!), not windows, not doors, not siding. Just roofs.2) Jethro was very knowledgeable about the roofing trade (in the same way we are very knowledgeable in our lines of work), and he fully understood and sympathized with our frustration with the insurance company’s unreliable claims inspection subcontractor.3) While Jethro and MHI Roofing are entitled to make a commission and/or profit, the estimate was not grossly overpriced. Is it expensive? Yes, but this is a major purchase; much of the costs that small businesses have to endure today are due to situations beyond their control (hyper-inflation, transportation and manufacturing delays, high energy costs). We are all feeling the vise tighten. While neighbors may want to cut corners and costs that are detrimental to a home’s covering (and subsequent long term value), we wanted it done correctly. MHI Roofing has check all the important boxes (so far).4) We didn’t walk into this blindly. We did our research. We also didn’t feel pressured by MHI Roofing. Wind and storm damage is unsettling on your primary dwelling (especially on the roof!), but trying to get the insurance company to do their job effectively became the most frustrating part of this journey.Our new roof is on hold (MHI has ordered the materials) while we wait on the insurance claims subcontractor, but we’re excited and will be able to rest easier once this project is underway and then successfully completed!Photos are the “before” pictures since we’re waiting on the insurance company.
Stephan butler
Stephan butler
23:37 19 Apr 23
Jethro was very pleasing to work with. He showed up on time during the busiest time of the day and still had a great attitude. Jethro was very knowledgeable about roofing, siding, gutters, proper ventilation etc.. He pulled out the drone to get views of the roof that you’d never see from a ladder 🪜 I’m glad that I contacted MHI, you can’t go wrong with folks that do this “Every Shingle Day”! 😂. Their Awesome 👌🏾
Brenna Alley
Brenna Alley
01:20 17 Dec 22
MHI Roofing did a fabulous job on my roof replacement. From start to finish the job was well done. Free inspection and estimate of roof with Cam was informative and accurate (estimate was within dollars of the final cost). He explained the process, the team and the financing options. I was called by Andy to schedule my roofing project. Clear and concise process to get supplies ordered and delivered to get the crew out asap. And finally Josh’s team of roofers lead by Marcelo did an excellent job. They showed up right on time, got to work, got the job done and cleaned up all in the same day. Not only did they do this, but they provided above and beyond customer service. They sent continuous pictures of the project and keeping me informed about any added costs that arose as they found boards that needed to be replaced! I would highly recommend them for anyone in the greater Pittsburgh area!
Richard Zierer
Richard Zierer
21:29 17 Oct 22
Great work! Had roof rejuvenation, vents resealed and ridge vent replacement. Crew was on time and completed the job quickly. There were a few issues that I brought to Chance’s attention and he was extremely quick to come on site and do an inspection and get the issues fixed immediately. Overall I am very satisfied with the level customer service from Chance Decker and the quality of work done on my house.
kevin sherfinski
kevin sherfinski
13:08 24 Sep 22
Wow! Zach did one of the most thorough inspections we've ever had, which set expectations sky high. Once Josh and Dario's crew arrived it was like a well-oiled machine, one that knows a thing or two about construction. They worked with precision and purpose. Josh was super transparent and on-site the whole time to give us updates and answer questions. One of the things that most impressed me was that our house is very inaccessible for a job like this, yet Dario's crew made it look like a walk in the park. I can't say enough good things about MHI, especially Zach, Josh, Dario and his crew. Hands down the best experience I've had with a roofing contractor.
14:03 10 Sep 22
Josh and Dario and his crew were very professional and available for any questions or concerns that we had. Never stopped, except for lunch, despite several setbacks not of their making. We were kept apprised of all obstacles they encountered and made part of the solution process of dealing with them. Overall a very positive experience. Thank you Josh and Dario and the rest of the crew.
Joe Anania
Joe Anania
02:56 28 Jul 22
Horrible craftsmanship from this unprofessional and incompetent business. These are only a sample of issues they left us with.I took care of most issues in a few hours and posted photos .To bad they do not take pride in their work.Their answer was, "sorry to hear about your experience".Photo's say it all.Their representative on site kept lying about the building being the problem but you can plainly see I repaired the items that i posted.They can't do simple items like installing drip edge. It was cut to long not allowing the adjoining section to butt up to upper facia board...Joe
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