Cold Weather Home Improvement

MHI Roofing in Pittsburgh, PA

While it’s Still Chilly Out There

If you live in Pittsburgh, you know that the cold weather has been on a rampage this winter. Your fingers and toes are frozen, and your energy bills may have been emptying your wallet faster than you can fill it.

Cold Weather Home Improvement

There are a number of projects, some big changes and some smaller jobs, that can help keep you warm and your energy bill under control this winter.

One small job that can be easy to tackle is sealing your walls. Areas where the cold air sneaks in, such as around electrical outlets, can easily be sealed with a tube of high-quality caulk. Simply turn your breaker off, test the outlet to make sure it is off, and then seal up the areas where the outlet box meets the drywall, and all of the little holes in the back of the box. You will notice the difference right away.

You should also look for insulation gaps. Fill in cracks around outside faucets, air vents, and plumbing. Fill in any little cracks where your foundation meets the house and crawlspace. Again, you will be surprised how much cold air can pour in through a small crack or hole, and you will notice the difference right away when you seal it.

Once that is done, you can move on to your inside home improvement projects. Update your lighting fixtures. You can cure a case of the cold-weather blues easily by adding and refreshing the lights in a room. A light and airy atmosphere will warm up even the coldest days.

You can also cheer and brighten your spaces by freshening up the walls with a new coat of paint. Spice things up with a bright new color or simply brighten up the room by freshening up the existing color. Either way, you will create a warm, welcoming room that will chase away the cold weather outside.

Your residential home improvements don’t need to stop simply because the weather gets cold. Any of these small projects can keep your house warm, welcoming, and energy efficient until the warm months when you can tackle larger exterior projects. Call MHI Roofing for any advice you need.