If overflowing gutters are a persistent problem despite regular maintenance, you may need bigger gutters. In today’s post, the local residential roofers at Meredith Home Improvements share the reasons why you should consider upsizing to six-inch gutters. 

Reasons to Upsize to 6-Inch Gutters


Double the Capacity

Six-inch gutters can hold double the volume of water that five-inch gutters can’t handle. This provides more headroom that can help prevent overflowing, even under extreme weather. Upsizing is important if the roofing slope was made steeper during roofing replacement. An increase in slope means a higher volume of rainwater flowing into the gutters, which will require gutters with higher capacity.

Preserve the Fascia Boards

The fascia boards are the vertical boards that cover the rafter tails on the roof. In addition to creating a cleaner look for the roof edge after roofing replacement, it also provides a surface for the gutters to be installed on. Fascia boards are typically between 3.5 and 5.5 inches wide. Small gutter troughs would leave some of the fascia board exposed to the elements. Six-inch gutter troughs provide more coverage and better protection for fascia boards.

More Robust Look

Six-inch gutters have more girth that adds a thicker outer “lip” to the roof’s edge. This makes the roof look more robust when seen from the ground level, and can help add a more balanced look. It creates the same effect as installing wide trim or window casing on the exterior, which, depending on how it works with other exterior elements, may boost your home’s curb appeal.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Six-inch gutters have a wider opening at the top, which makes it easier to clean and maintain, which is doubly beneficial if you choose to do your own gutter cleaning and maintenance. Six-inch seamless gutters are the best-performing type of its size. Since the seams and joints are only found at the ends, you have fewer spots that will require caulking.

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