3 Simple Steps to Handling Roof Storm Damage in Pittsburgh

Severe weather and major storms can wreak havoc on your home, and especially your roof.  Your roof is the first line of defense your home has against bad weather, so it takes a beating when a big storm blows through in Pittsburgh.  Navigating the storm damage repair process can feel overwhelming, but following these three simple steps can help you proceed with confidence.

1. Self-Assessment

The first step you’ll take when you think a storm has damaged your roof in Pittsburgh is to take stock of the situation and perform a self assessment of your property.

Safety First

Before you do anything, make sure your property is safe.  Downed power lines, broken gas lines, and dangerous debris like nails and broken glass can create major hazards that are extremely dangerous.  Be extremely careful as you examine your property and ensure it’s safe before you proceed.

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Signs of Damage

Once you’ve determined the property is safe, look around for signs of damage.  The most obvious place to look is your own roof, but you’ll want to check out the surrounding area and even your neighbors roofs because damage to your own roof may not be immediately obvious or visible.  Some of the signs that a storm was severe enough to cause damage or that your roof was damaged by a severe storm are:

  • Missing and Damaged Shingles
  • Missing Granules
  • Bent and Broken Gutters
  • Damaged Siding
  • Damaged Fences, Porches, and Sheds
  • Visible Damage to Neighboring Roofs
  • Displaced Items Like Patio Furniture and Garbage Cans

Inventory and Photos

As you explore your property for signs of damage you’ll want to create an inventory of the signs of damage that you’re noticing.  Take photos of everything and write a detailed list to ensure you don’t forget anything once the cleanup process begins.  This list and photos will be very helpful as you move forward with the insurance claim process.

2. Contact Your Insurance

Any time you believe your home has been damaged you should contact your insurance agency.  Even if you’re not 100% sure your roof has been damaged it’s a good idea to discuss your options with your agent.  They may or may not send an adjuster to look at the potential damage for themselves.  When you contact your insurance provider you’ll want to have a few things readily available:

  • Your Policy Number
  • Your Contact Information
  • Your Inventory and Photos
  • Any Questions You Have

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3. Contact Trusted Local Roofing Contractor in Pittsburgh

Once you’ve completed the previous steps you can contact a trusted local roofing contractor in Pittsburgh like MHI Roofing.  MHI Roofing offers free, 20-point inspections so you can be sure your roof is getting the attention it deserves.  A comprehensive inspection will allow you to coordinate with your insurance provider and your roofing contractor to make sure that you’re getting the coverage you deserve as outlined in your insurance policy and that your roof is appropriately cared for.  Whether the damage to your roof requires a minor repair or a full roof replacement your contractor will be able to guide you to making the best decision for your roof and home.

Call MHI Roofing today for a free roof inspection!