Protecting Your Exterior During Roof Installation

Protecting Your Exterior During Roof Installation

The garden and exterior are indispensable parts of your home’s exterior. This is because they make up a significant portion of your home’s curb appeal, prompting homeowners to do their best to protect their investment. However, they could get damaged during the course of a roof installation project. In this post, the top roofing replacement and installation contractor, Meredith Home Improvements, shares some tips to protect your garden and exterior during a roof installation project.

Protecting Your Exterior During Roof Installation

Document Your Roof’s Condition Before Installation

Remind your roofing contractor of things that they need to watch out for before the installation job. These include things such as your decking, swimming pool, outdoor tubs, and vegetable gardens. They should also pay attention so as not to damage your plants and siding as well. They can protect these valuable fixtures by laying down tarps or coverings for good measure.

Keep Roofing Materials Away From the Grass

Make sure that your roofing contractors supply a trash bin and place it on the driveway where refuse roofing materials can be placed. Your roof installation contractor should lay down protective plywood sheets on the driveway before setting your new roofing materials to protect it from dirt, scrapes, and dents. This also prevents your landscaping from getting damaged or dirtied as well.

Protect Your Garden and Grass

Simple materials like tarpaulins can go a long way in protecting your garden and grass. To protect your potted plants, you can place tarps over the lumber leaning on the walls as well. Fortunately, your shrubs and trees are strong enough to handle debris, so they don’t have to be covered. Don’t forget to remove the tarps after the job is done so that the plants can breathe.

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