Roofing First Aid Steps to Take Post-Storm

Roofing First Aid Steps to Take Post-Storm

It’s tempting to walk around your home and conduct a preliminary storm repair damage assessment as soon as the skies clear and the weather calms down. However, this is a step that many homeowners seem to misunderstand. First, you must make sure that the worst has truly passed and it is 100% safe to step outside. Once you get an all-clear from the authorities, only then will it be time to see just how much damage you have on your roof.

Roofing First Aid Steps to Take Post-Storm


Every homeowner should aim to have a good storm-preparedness plan especially if they live in storm-prone areas. The plan should include the first steps you need to take to inspect your home, particularly your roof, for damage. Here are some recommendations from our experts at MHI Roofing on what you should include in your storm “first aid” kit.

Be Extra Careful

Some hazards can still be hidden even though it looks like the coast is clear. Contact your local roofing experts and schedule a professional inspection immediately. If you need to see for yourself the extent of the storm’s impact, pay attention to your surroundings. Live wires that might have been blown off should be avoided at all times. Roofing joists and beams will remain unsafe so do not go up for a closer look. A quick walkthrough should suffice as you wait for a professional to conduct a thorough inspection.

Visible Cues

There are signs of damage that are fairly obvious and can be spotted quickly even from the ground. Be on the lookout for missing and damaged shingles, overflowing gutters, and physically damaged flashing strips and downspouts. Document these things right away as you see them.

Contact Your Insurance

Preparing a claim for roof repair can be a daunting task but a trained contractor can help make things a little easier. Review the terms of your policy to make sure that you’re not missing any pertinent details before filing your claim.

At MHI Roofing, you can count on our experienced roofers to help you recover after a storm. Give us a call at (412) 203-8129 or fill out our contact form to schedule an inspection and request a free inspection on repairs or replacement today.