Save Money on your Utilities with New Windows

If you’re thinking of buying new replacement windows, you may be looking forward to how much they will brighten the interior of your home, or that they will add curb appeal to your exterior. While that’s absolutely true, we often tell homeowners that they should also weigh the cost of new replacement windows against how much they believe they’ll save on their utility bills.

Today’s Replacement Windows Are Energy Savers

The bottom line is that you’ll save a considerable about on your heating and cooling bills when you purchase either vinyl or wood replacement windows. Even if you bought replacement windows just 10 years ago, you can still greatly improve your energy savings. That’s because:

  • New replacement windows allow much less heat transfer. Heat transfer is when the heat in your home leaks out through your windows in the winter, making your house cold, or when the sun’s rays come through your windows and heat up your home year round. While you may welcome the extra heat during the cold weather, you certainly don’t in Pittsburgh’s hot, humid summers.
  • New windows are made from advanced materials that reflect, deflect, or simply stop weather extremes from entering your home while keeping the temperature comfortable inside. The benefits of new windows include weather-resistant framing materials, better seals around your walls, and a special coating that’s placed on the glass to deflect the sun’s heat from entering your home.
  • Certain windows save even more energy. Casement windows, awning windows, and double-hung windows offer superior energy efficiency. Each of them opens easily and forms a very tight seal when they are closed.

All of this adds up to big savings. The Energy Star website, in fact, says that a typical Pittsburgh home that chooses energy-efficient windows can save around $430 every year when replacing single-pane windows. Even if you already have double-pane windows, you can still lower utility bills by about $188 a year when you buy the newest double-pane windows on the market.

MHI Roofing has been helping Pittsburgh homeowners choose the best windows for their homes for more than 35 years. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is a promise that we keep with all of our customers’ projects. Call us today to learn more about how new replacement windows can save you hundreds of dollars a year in heating and cooling costs.