Signs Your Roof Is Leaking

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Your roof serves so many important functions for your home, including protecting it from the weather and pests, boosting your curb appeal, and providing insulation. With so much riding on the health of your roof, it is important to ensure it is kept in good repair. However, it is often hard to get up on your roof to inspect its health, so it can be difficult to identify when something has gone wrong. One of the biggest issues that homeowners see with their roofs is leaking, which can cause significant damage if left unattended. However, it can often be hard to spot a roof leak before it’s caused significant damage. Take a look at our blog to learn how you can spot a roof leak without getting up onto your roof!

Water Stains or Dripping Water

When homeowners imagine a leaking roof, the first thing that often comes to mind is a bucket on their living room floor, catching the water as it drips down. While this can happen, generally roof leaks aren’t quite as dramatic. A more common sign that your roof is leaking is visible water spots on your ceiling. The water spots will grow in time, and if there is enough water to show up in your ceiling, it is certainly causing significant damage to your home’s frame.

You’re Finding Shingles in Your Yard or Gutters

Some roof leaks don’t show obvious signs indoors. You may have a leaking roof without any visible signs of water damage in your home. For example, if you begin to find shingles in your yard or gutter system that have been blown off your roof, there is a high likelihood that there is water permeating through your roof deck and into your attic and frame. The water may not be dripping down into your ceiling yet, but missing shingles is a surefire sign that your roof is accumulating water damage.

Alternatively, if you notice that the shingles that are still on your roof are curling or buckling, this may also be a sign that they are absorbing water and your roof is beginning to leak.

Algae or Mold Growth on Shingles or Exterior Walls

This sign will require you do to a bit of investigating to determine if there is a leak at hand. If you find algae or moss growing on your roof or walls, it could simply be because your home has a fair amount of shade on that particular side. However, this can also be a sign that your roof isn’t drying or shedding water properly, or that your gutter system isn’t working correctly and water is dripping down the side of your home. If your roof is holding moisture, it will eventually deteriorate the shingles, which can allow water to find it’s way into your roof deck. If you notice that your home’s exterior is growing mold or algae, be sure to thoroughly inspect it to determine there is no leak.

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