Will a Solar Roof Add Value to My Home?

solar roofing, solar roof installation, Morgantown

When you think of solar roofs, you probably think of big, bulky solar panels. Less than a decade ago, that was your only option. But as technology advances, solar roofing becomes easier to execute and more affordable than ever. At MHI Roofing, we’re on the cutting edge of solar roofing technology to offer Morgantown homeowners the chance at revolutionary energy and money-saving roofing. Here are some aspects to consider if you think solar roofing might be right for you.

solar roofing, solar roof installation, Morgantown

The Value of Solar Roofing

Return on Investment

Energy experts have provided a rough blueprint for the typical return on investment (ROI) of solar panels and solar energy. Typical is eight years for the “break-even” point, after which you are pocketing pure profit with your solar roofing.

Counteract Rising Utility Prices

Rising electricity production costs throughout the southeast can be offset by having your own power plant in your Morgantown home. Once installed, the solar roofing returns value every day, year after year.

Renewable, Clean, Efficient Energy

With every kiloWatt of power, you remove from fossil fuel production and generate with solar, you help save our little spaceship Earth. Fossil fuels are not renewable. Once extracted and converted to heat, electricity, or another form of energy, they are gone. Solar power, by contrast, is abundant, free, and clean. Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint or prefer nearly free energy, solar roofing is a wise choice.

Added Home Value and Curb Appeal

solar roofing, solar roof installation, Morgantown

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) says every dollar of savings from solar energy adds $20 in home value. If your solar roofing saves $200 in lower energy bills, that is $4,000 in added home value. Solar roofing has a modern, clean design that many homebuyers find very attractive. This adds curb appeal to your home when properly installed and maintained.


Say you have a beautiful vacation home up at the heights of West Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. You have no chance of getting power lines run to your property. Go solar! Stay off the grid, keep your environment clean, and depend on no one for your energy needs.

Solar Roofing is Quiet

Solar panels barely hum, so there is much less chatter, bang, or crackle like high power lines or standby generators. You can hear yourself think, listen to the birdsongs, and enjoy a peaceful evening on your patio, screened-in porch, or deck. If you are considering a choice between a wind turbine and solar roofing, take the noise into account. The reason most wind farms are remote is partly because of their noise. Solar roofing, by contrast, has no moving parts.

Invest in Sustainable Roofing Today

Many of today’s property buyers look for sustainable features when checking homes. They find it essential that the house they will buy has energy-efficient components. It means that your property can attract more buyers if it has solar roofing installed. Buyers may also be more interested because they don’t need to make the initial investment for the installation of solar roofing panels.

Even if you aren’t selling your home, solar roofing can still save you money by reducing your energy costs. The right solar panels will not only increase your savings but also elevate the look of your humble abode. When looking for solar roofing, look to MHI Roofing in Morgantown. When you contact us, we can provide accurate, helpful information on solar roofing, specific products, and the economics of going green with sunlight.


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