Roofing Resolutions: Tips for Keeping Your Roof in Shape in 2023

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The roof of your home is a major investment and a huge component in the comfort and protection your home provides to you and your family. The upkeep of your roof should be a regular line item on your household maintenance schedule. What are some things to consider when keeping your roof in perfect condition this year? 

Trim Overhanging Branches

Trees and branches can create huge complications if they are not trimmed back properly. Heavy storms and forceful winds can cause limbs to break off and potentially fall on and damage your roof. Trim the branches and limbs away from your home to prevent excess debris buildup. If you have concerns about safely removing the limbs, contact a trusted professional to assist you. 

Inspect Gutter System

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The gutter system has an important job in keeping your roof running smoothly. The excess water needs a place to collect and safely be carried away from the home. If there is debris, leaves, or evidence of animals present in the gutters, then the water overflows and doesn’t funnel away properly. When cleaning out the gutter system, look carefully for any damaged, split or broken areas of the gutter. These areas should be fixed to prevent future costly repairs

Inspect the Roof

Have you lost any shingles? Are there areas where the shingles are bent, split, or damaged? Repair these individual areas with new material before water can seep under the edges and create more complications. Are there fasteners rusting on your metal roofing? These need to be taken care of as well. An inspection should be scheduled yearly to look for any damage, signs of age, or areas of wear. Also, consider inspecting your roof after a strong storm for any potential damage


Improper insulation can result in higher monthly energy bills. It can be difficult to maintain comfortable temperatures in the home when it escapes through the roof. Proper insulation will allow those temperatures to remain in the home, which helps the heating and cooling system to run less. This will then provide lower energy bills. That is a huge win! 

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Replace the Caulk Around Flashings

Flashing around chimneys and vent pipes prevents water from leaking into your home. Make sure the areas are inspected yearly and seal up any areas. The old caulk can be easily removed, and new fresh caulk can be applied. 

Moss and Mildew Removal

Moss and mildew on a roof can be unsightly from a distance. Moss acts as a sponge, soaking up water and holding on to it for lengthy periods. This can cause shingles to buckle or raise in the corners, and unfortunately, seep down through the roofing materials. Have the areas cleaned as soon as they are noticed and it is safe to work on the roof 

These are some fabulous tips for keeping your roof working in peak condition this year. As always, if you have concerns about completing any of these areas, please consider contacting a trusted local roofing contractor who has the knowledge and experience with safety procedures. 

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