MHI Roofing was recently featured on WPXI’s Take Five program, a show that highlights some of the most innovative and successful businesses in all of Western Pennsylvania. We had the chance to talk about some of the great work that we do at MHI Roofing and how we help homeowners across the Western Pennsylvania area.

Rejuvenating Your Western Pennsylvania Rooftop

One of our top offerings is our roof rejuvenation services. Many homeowners are unaware that they can bring their old and ugly rooftops back to life with an excellent roof rejuvenation. Old shingle rooftops usually become more brittle and frail with age. As they age, they lose the oils that hold the shingle’s materials together; they lose their granules and become highly susceptible to weathering and damage. With a roof rejuvenation by MHI Roofing, we’ll be able to bring your asphalt shingle rooftop back to life. We add bio-oils to your shingle which adds moisture to the material, reducing brittleness and fragility. These oils also help to keep your shingle granules in place and prevent further granule loss. It’s been found that a roof rejuvenation can extend the life of your shingle rooftop by five years. These roof rejuvenations will help you save money and protect your rooftop for years.

Protect Your Roof With Our 5 Year Roof Repair Warranty

Our 5 Year Roof Repair Warranty is unlike any other warranty in the roofing industry. While most roofing companies will offer you a warranty on your roof replacement or roofing labor, very few roofing companies offer roof repair warranties. That’s where MHI Roofing comes in. We are proud to provide the people of Western Pennsylvania an excellent 5 Year Roof Repair Warranty, which means that your rooftop will be protected for longer with the help of MHI Roofing.

Finance Your Rooftop With MHI Roofing

Many homeowners face a common problem in wanting to give their home a beautiful roofing system, but they just can’t afford to. We understand that installing a new roof is a significant investment that costs quite a bit of money. That’s why we offer homeowners the opportunity to pay off their roofing project over 18 months at 0% interest. You can now get the roof you deserve without breaking the bank.

MHI Roofing, Western Pennsylvania’s Leading Roofers

If you’re ready to start your home’s new roofing project, call MHI Roofing today, and we’ll offer you a free roof inspection.