5 Advantages of Polymer or Composite Roofing

5 Advantages of Polymer or Composite Roofing

Roofing replacement is a big investment, spanning from the labor required to time invested. This is why careful planning is needed when making decisions. There are many roofing materials on the market for any homeowner to try. Most know about asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, or even sheet metal, but there is another material that has been changing the game since it was first introduced. It is called the polymer or composite roofing. This product puts plastic to good use and is largely made from the same materials found in decks, also known as composite decking.

5 Advantages of Polymer or Composite Roofing


If you’re planning to install a polymer or composite roof, here are some benefits to look forward to:

1. Superior Looks: DaVinci Roofscapes manufacture simulated shake shingles and synthetic slate roof shingles. They are made from resin, a strong composite blend that can mimic the look of other roofing materials such as stone and metal. You can enhance the architectural appeal of your home or building property without high cost and performance issues.

2. Thickness: In residential and commercial roofing, the thickness of the roofing material is valuable. Roof thickness helps the roofing structure withstand constant exposure to harsh weather elements. DaVinci polymer roofs can match the thickness of a premium quality shake without extra cost.

3. Widths: With polymer roofs, you can usually choose between a single-width and multi-width product – whichever suits your personal taste.

4. Fire Retardance:  Polymer roofs typically have a Class A fire rating, provided they were installed with the right underlayments. Veteran residential roofers recommend this type of roofing to people who reside in areas that are prone to wildfires.

5. Less Waste: Polymer roofs are designed to produce less waste during the installation process.

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