5 Signs you need a new roof

MHI Roofing in Pittsburgh, PA

One thing we often tend to take for granted is a dependable roof! They keep our families safe, cozy, warm and dry all year long. Don’t just assume your roof is healthy and solid, look into it. Here are a few issues to look for when you’re evaluating your roof.

Just how old is your roof?

Claude McGavic, the executive director of The National Association of Home Inspectors has gone on record saying “An asphalt shingle roof should last between 20 and 30 years,”. If your room has just become legal to drink, it may be time to consider reaching out to a roofing specialist near you for a quote.

Missing shingles?

Again, this is just a sign! Shingles are not difficult to replace if it’s just a few here and there. However, if your home’s roof starts to look like patchy like a chess board, it may be time to consider a full replacement. From a looks perspective, this can hurt your curb appeal dramatically.

Do you have shingles covered with moss or algae?

This is purely cosmetic, so don’t panic. Your roof doesn’t need to be replaced just yet. Don’t take matters into your own hands. Power washing or scrubbing away at the green stuff will scrape away granules, which will eat at the very particles that help your shingles protect your home.

Can see sunlight from the attic?

Whenever sunlight is peaking through your home..not through a window, it’s usually a clear indicator that there’s an issue! If light can get through so can all the other elements you’re trying to keep from entering your home.

Are some shingles are cracking?

Just a few cracked shingles isn’t a big issue and again, these are replaceable. However, if you’ve seen a good amount it’s probably a result of wind damage. Look closely at the roof, to see if they aren’t in one particular spot. If they look scattered and there’s a too many to count on your hands, it’s time to seriously look into a new roof.

When examining your roof for these issues, we stress that you hire someone to inspect your roof with experience and a roofing background. For an expert near you, that’s been around for more than 30 years, reach out to MHI Roofing or call them at 412-831-9991.