Checking for Roof Resiliency Against Wind Damage

Checking for Roof Resiliency Against Wind Damage

Although it may not be possible to predict exactly what might happen to your home during a storm, you can still minimize the risk of suffering the consequences of severe wind damage, particularly, on your roof. These pointers, put together by top exterior services contractor, MHI Roofing, can help guide you in determining whether the roof in a home you are currently occupying or one in a home you’re looking to buy will be resilient against wind damage. 

Checking for Roof Resiliency Against Wind Damage


Quality of Materials

Shingle quality affects how well your roof can protect your home and how long it can adequately keep doing so. Poorly manufactured shingles can deteriorate more quickly and, with a lower rating for wind resistance, they may be more prone to breaking or detaching. The better your roof’s shingles are, the safer your home will be.

Installation Expertise

You cannot reap the benefits of a great quality roof, however,  if your contractor does not have the required expertise to put it together in the first place. Your roof must be installed by certified new roof contractors, like MHI Roofing, who are factory-trained and undergo continual training with roofing manufacturers. They should know important details such as the right way to ensure proper adhesion of your shingles and the right roof orientation to use for your home, among others.

Regularity of Maintenance

Regularly maintained roofs have a better chance of withstanding severe weather damage. If you’re looking at purchasing an older home, inquire about its history of roof maintenance. Look for signs of unchecked moisture retention problems; and, if there are any, have them assessed to see how much work will be needed to prevent them from getting worse.

Roof Age

When a roof reaches or even surpasses the end of its projected lifespan is, it becomes more vulnerable to damage, both huge and small. Consider getting a thorough roof inspection done to find out whether replacing it has become urgently needed or otherwise. If you can still push replacing your roof off, find out how long so you can more adequately prepare for it.

Learn more about wind damage and how best to keep your roof strong against it by allowing MHI Roofing to handle all your roof repairing and maintaining needs. We are a full-service contractor, certified to work on residential as well as commercial type roofs. Schedule a free inspection with us by calling (412) 203-8129. We serve a number of areas throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania.