7 Common Winter Roof Problems in Morgantown

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The winter weather can be quite a challenge for your roof and home. Because of this, we here at MHI Roofing are proud to offer our winter services to home and business owners every winter. Our team has been able to grow to become the authority when it comes to roofing in the Morgantown area. Here you’ll find some common causes of roof damage during the winter season so you know what to be aware of going forward.

winter roof problems in Morgantown


When hot heater air and cold winter air meet on opposite sides of the roof, condensation forms and causes mold and mildew to grow. Before you turn on your heater for the fall and winter, make sure it has proper ventilation, which prevents condensation from forming.

Heavy Snow

Any home that is partially or fully blocked from sunlight because of trees or any obstructions can struggle to have its snow melt. Heavy snow that lays on your roof for days or possibly even weeks can potentially lead to your roof caving in.

Ice Dams

When snow and ice start accumulating, they begin to melt as they sit on the upper zones of your roof, and then the water flows down to the lower zones and freezes again, forming an ice dam. Ice dams grow bigger as water flows down the roof and latches onto the existing dam. These are hazardous because they get heavier as they grow larger, with some ice dams even growing large enough to bring your gutter down.


Though they may look nice on TV and in movies, the fact is that icicles can do a surprising amount of damage to your gutters and roof. Gutters can bend and break due to the heavy weight of the icicles on your roof. This can also lead to damage to your roof as well.

Trapped Water

One of the biggest contributors to water damage or leaks is because of trapped water on your roof. Your roof can also freeze and expand due to frigid temperatures, which can lead to cracks and extensive damage to your roof.

winter storm damage in Morgantown

Snow and Ice Buildup

When your roof continually accumulates ice and snow, that precipitation often leads to more than just ice dams. Look for warning signs in the home such as severe leaks or cracks in your walls, doors that get stuck or pop out of place, and frequent sounds of popping, cracking, or creaking.

Strong Winds

On top of the blisteringly cold temperatures and the chance of snow at any time, our area also sees strong, gusty winds that can damage your roof and property. Strong winds can rip shingles off of your home and can even result in debris landing on your roof.


No matter how big your roof or home is, you must be careful as the winter rolls in. A significant amount of roof damage can be caused by snow and ice, putting not just your home but also your loved ones at risk. To ensure your safety and your home’s security this winter, we advise you to wait for assistance from our residential roofing experts in Morgantown. Prepare yourself and your roof for whatever this winter brings by following these simple tips. Please contact the team at MHI Roofing anytime for a free consultation on winter-proofing your roof.