What Is The Typical Cost Of A Roof Replacement In Morgantown

Asphalt shingle roof replalcement cost in Morgantown

The cost of replacing your roof in Morgantown ranges from $4,500 to $12,500. This is mainly dependent on the size of your roofing system, the roofing materials that you install, and the installation costs of your preferred roofing contractor in Morgantown.

The Cost Of Roofing In Morgantown

Roofing systems have a life expectancy of about 30 to 50 years. When your roof has significantly deteriorated and provides your home with little to no protection, it may be time to consider replacing your roof.

Below, we’ve provided you with a guide on how much you can expect to pay for roof replacement services in the Morgantown area.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

An asphalt shingle rooftop for your Morgantown home can range anywhere from $4,000 to $17,000, depending on the size of your roofing system and the type of shingles you install. An asphalt shingle roofing installation per square foot costs about $4.50 to $5.

Asphalt shingles are available in these varieties:

  • 3-Tab Shingles
  • Dimensional Shingles (also referred to as architectural or laminated shingles)

This is how much you can expect to pay for your Morgantown roof line:

1,000 sf roof / 10 squares = $4,500 to $5000
1,500 sf roof / 15 squares = $6,750 to $7,500
2,000 sf roof / 20 squares = $9000 to $10,000
2,500 sf roof / 25 squares = $11,250 to $12,500
3,000 sf roof / 30 squares = $13,500 to $15,000
3,500 sf roof / 35 squares = $15,750 to $17,500

Request a quote here (link) to receive a more accurate inspection for your roofing replacement project. If you’re ready to start your Morgantown home’s roof replacement project, give MHI Roofing a call today!