Asphalt Shingle Comparison: How to Decide Between 3-Tab and Architectural Shingles

asphalt shingle comparison, asphalt shingle roofing, roof replacement, Morgantown

When choosing a type of material for your new roof installation, it’s important that you pick a type of roofing that will last for many years. The Morgantown area experiences harsh weather that ranges from hurricanes and tropical storms to hail storms and strong winds. Residents in Morgantown often replace their roofs due to storm damage, age, wear and tear, and improper installation.

It’s vital that your chosen roofing material can meet your durability, warranty, affordability, and aesthetic needs and that it can protect your home and endure the Morgantown climate. 

asphalt shingle comparison, asphalt shingle roofing, Morgantown

Asphalt shingles are a common type of roofing material in Morgantown. These types of shingles are cost-effective and come in various styles and textures. Two of the most popular asphalt shingle types are three-tab and architectural shingles. Both of these asphalt shingles provide different benefits and it’s important that you know the differences before choosing between them. 

Three-Tab vs. Architectural: Aesthetics

Even though both of these are asphalt shingles, they vary in their appearance. Three-tab asphalt shingles are designed with a uniform, flat look and three tabs. In comparison, architectural asphalt shingles have a dimensional look to them and are made with multiple layers. Architectural shingles can be made to resemble cedar shake or slate. 

Three-Tab vs. Architectural: Cost

Both of these types of asphalt shingles are a cost-effective roofing option. That being said, three-tab shingles usually cost less to install and are more cost-effective than architectural shingles. The average asphalt roof replacement costs around $12,500 for a 2200-square-foot home in Morgantown. 

Three-Tab vs. Architectural: Lifespan 

Typically, three-tab shingles need to be replaced sooner than architectural shingles. In comparison, architectural shingles are more durable because of their high-quality and heavy-duty composition. Architectural shingles are known to have long-lasting resistance against rain, ice, snow, strong winds, and intense heat. Three-tab shingles will last roughly 20 to 25 years, while architectural shingles can last up to 50 years. 

Three-Tab vs. Architectural: Composition 

As mentioned above, both three-tab and architectural shingles are made of asphalt. In addition, both are made with adhesives and granules for the outermost layer, and the backing is made from fiberglass. 

Architectural shingles are a lot heavier and sturdier than three-tab shingles. In addition, they are made with stronger adhesives and with higher-quality asphalt. 

asphalt shingle roofing, roof replacement, Morgantown

Three-Tab vs. Architectural: Warranty 

Three-tab shingles have a shorter warranty of 20 to 25 years and architectural shingles oftentimes have a warranty of around 50 years.

Three-Tab vs. Architectural: Wind Ratings

Due to their different composition, each asphalt shingle type has a different wind resistance rating. These ratings may range, but three-tab asphalt shingles are often rated for winds of up to 60 miles per hour. In comparison, architectural shingles have higher wind ratings of 80 to 120 miles per hour.  

Choosing the Right Fit for Your Home: MHI Roofing  

The type of asphalt shingle material that you choose will depend on your budget and housing needs. Three-tab shingles are a great short-term and affordable choice for budget homes or rental properties. In comparison, architectural shingles can be a great option for residents in Morgantown who value long-lasting weather resistance and overall aesthetic. 

When choosing a roofing company to install a new roof, it’s important that you hire one that you can trust. MHI Roofing, a reliable roofing company in Morgantown has been offering high-quality roofing and exterior services for over 40 years.  

In addition to asphalt roofing, we also provide a variety of other services that include:

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