How a New Roof for the New Year Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Home improvement projects seem to be never-ending. Some are exciting, such as upgrading a kitchen or bathroom, while others such as unclogging drains and fixing a dishwasher can bring stress. Of course, the desired outcome is an improved area hopefully making life more enjoyable and easy. 

roof replacement, new roof, Morgantown

Is 2023 the year for a new driveway? What about repainting the kid’s bedrooms? What about replacing the roof? Let’s focus on the roofing project. How do you know if it’s time for a new roof? 

  • Do you see missing shingles?
  • Are there broken or torn shingles? 
  • Do the shingles have curled edges? 
  • Can you spot a heavy growth of mold or moss?
  • Do the shingles have bare spots where the granules have fallen off?
  • Is there evidence of water stains on your attic ceilings?
  • Is the roof spongy in spots?   

These are all indications that a new roof should be in your near future. How can installing a new roof increase the value of your home? Good news! It does! (Read Our related blog on this topic!)

Curb Appeal

“Curb appeal” is the attractiveness of a property, when viewed from a short distance away, such as a road or a curb.  Such items that can improve curb appeal are fresh paint or siding, new windows, landscaping, and, yes, a new roof. A new roof shows the passersby that you care about the home you live in. A new roof can help your home stand out on the block by choosing pleasing color and style to match the architectural design of your home. 

Selling Point

Are you looking to move in 2023? A new roof can help you sell your home faster. When a potential buyer pulls up the home, the exterior of your home will either encourage them to continue looking or give them the desire to move along to the next home on the list. The exterior of your home is much like the cover of a book. A broken, tattered roof does not appeal to the buyer, but a fresh crisp clean roof entices them to continue looking. 

Return on Investment

Along with the visual pleasure of the home, there is a financial benefit to a new roof! The return on investment of a new roof can be as high as 68% upon resale. Many factors play into this such as location, the roofing materials used, and current market trends. However, various reports show a substantial investment return when a new roof is installed. 

Energy Savings

Who doesn’t love saving a little money on monthly energy bills? By installing a new roof, any old damaged areas can now be fully sealed up eliminating the interior temperature to escape through the roof. Additionally, insulation can be added which will keep temperatures inside comfortable. By installing a new roof, the heating and cooling system will run less, therefore the longevity of the HVAC system will be extended and savings can remain in your wallet. 

roof replacement, new roof, Morgantown


Manufacturers work hard to provide improved technologies and better products. MHI Roofing in Morgantown passes those warranties down to the homeowner! When you trust us to put on your new roof, here are the warranties we offer: 

  • 2-year Basic Roof Warranty
  • 5-year Repair Warranty
  • Roof+ Lifetime Warranty

Be sure to ask us how these can benefit you and your new roof!

Look no further than MHI Roofing for all of your roofing needs. We provide top-quality workmanship, protecting what matters most since 1979. We have affordable financing options available, so contact us today for a free inspection and learn how we can improve the value of your home in 2023 by installing a new roofing system!