5 Steps to Take after a Storm Damages Your Pittsburgh Home

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Do you have a plan in place if your home in Pittsburgh sustains roof storm damage? The Pittsburgh area is prone to harsh winds and these natural conditions can damage your roof. 

During a storm, you could experience a punctured or dislodged roof, fallen branches, or leaks. As a homeowner in Pittsburgh, you must be well-prepared for potential storm damage and have a recovery plan in place that you can turn to. Below, we’ve compiled a list of several steps that you can take after a storm damages your roof. 

roof storm damage, emergency roof repair

5 Steps to Storm Damage Repair in Pittsburgh 

Safety First 

During and after a storm, the number one priority is protecting yourself and your loved ones. If your home has recently sustained storm damage, it’s vital that you stay away from broken windows, shattered glass, downed power lines, and electrical devices if there is flood water present in your home. It’s important that you thoroughly inspect your surroundings before you leave your Pittsburgh residence. 

Check for Signs of Roof Damage

After you’ve established that you are safe, we recommend that you begin inspecting your home and roof for various types of storm damage. You can look for things like leaks, dented roofing, and warped or broken shingles. You should take a lot of photos and videos of the damage to your roofing. It’s a good idea to keep a trail of documentation of the damage for future use.

Implement Short-Term Repairs 

Once you have located where the main damage is, you can begin making short-term repairs. For example, if your roof has holes and leaks, you can create a temporary repair by putting out buckets or pans to catch the water. This will help minimize the water damage to the structure of your home. If you find that the damage to your roofing and shingles is minimal, you can potentially cover the damaged area with a tarp until a professional roofing company can make thorough roof repairs. 

roof storm damage, emergency roof repair, storm damage repair

Hire a Local Roofing Company 

Hiring a local roofing company for your emergency roof repairs will ensure that you are provided with tailored and reliable roofing repairs that will last for many years. 

When you hire a local roofing company, you are choosing a roofing company that has built its business in your area and is much more invested in building long-lasting relationships within the Pittsburgh community. A local roofing company will have extensive knowledge about the local climate, permits, and regulations, and will have a lot of experience providing Pittsburgh homeowners with roofing solutions that can stand the test of time.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Last, but not least, you can contact your insurance provider to fully understand the steps you need to take to stay covered by your insurance policy. We recommend that you reach out to your insurance agent, rather than the insurance company itself. Your insurance agent will help guide you through your policy and give you more in-depth information about the sections related to storm damage.

MHI Roofing: Your Go-To Roofing Company For Storm Damage Repairs

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