Your Roofing System’s 3 Biggest Enemies

Your Roofing System’s 3 Biggest Enemies

Your roofing system, no matter what material it’s made of, is built to last for decades. Even an entry-level asphalt shingle roof is expected to last at least 15 years if cared for properly. However, no matter how durable your roof is, there are still a few things that can shorten its lifespan or cause significant damage if left unchecked. In today’s article, the roofing replacement experts over at Meredith Home Improvements shares the three main culprits. 

Your Roofing System’s 3 Biggest Enemies


1. Poor Maintenance

This might seem pretty obvious but we really cannot stress it enough. Even the most expensive roof available in the market is not completely indestructible. As a general rule, most roof maintenance companies strongly recommend that you have your roof properly inspected and maintained at least twice each year. 

2. Hailstorms

In some parts of the country, it is not uncommon for hailstones the size of golfballs to come crashing down on your roof. While there really isn’t much we can do to prevent damage from a hailstorm, you should always call in your trusted residential roofers immediately after a storm to have your roof checked out.

3.  Snow and Ice

If you live in a cold climate, then you are not a stranger to how much damage snow and ice can cause. An accumulation of snow and ice on your roof can put a lot of stress on the structural components underneath. Snowmelt also has a tendency of melting and then refreezing near the edges of your roof causing dreaded ice dams. 

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