4 Tips on Handling Insurance Claims for Hail Damage

4 Tips on Handling Insurance Claims for Hail Damage

After a severe hail storm hits your area, there is a great chance that your home is left distraught and in need of repair as soon as possible. Cracked shingles, dented siding, broken windows and downed gutters are some of the most common effects of sharp-hitting hailstones being pelted against your home.

MHI Roofing, a roof repair company, shares tips on filing an insurance claim for hail-related damage.

4 Tips on Handling Insurance Claims for Hail Damage
  1. Call your insurance company immediately. It is important to reach out to your insurance company and a restoration contractor you can trust as soon as the hail storm subsides. They will assist with the inspection of your home and expertly guide you through the claims process. There is a set timeframe in which you can submit your claim, so make sure you get on top of it right away.
  2. Document the damage. While waiting for the insurance agent and contractor to arrive, make sure to take pictures of the damaged items around the house. Focus on obvious indications of damage such as cracked roofing shingles on the pavement and dented siding. Do not forget to note the exact time and date the storm hit in case the insurance company needs it.
  3. Set up a meeting. Arrange a meeting with your insurance adjuster and storm repair damage contractor. This is the perfect opportunity to voice out your concerns before the repair/replacement service starts.
  4. Get multiple inspections. Know that you are not required to accept the first claim check sent to you by your insurance adjuster. If you believe that it fails to include all scope of work, then discuss the issue with your insurance representative. Since your contractor can conduct an inspection on their own, you can use their report entailing the total cost of the damage as a reference when filing your claim.

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