Angie’s List® Super Service Award: What It Means for You

Angie’s List® Super Service Award What It Means for You

As a seven-time recipient of the Angie’s List® Super Service Award, we at MHI Roofing are truly honored to be in the same roster as the other reputable businesses in the industry. Our staff has trained and delivered amazing results for the various projects we handled throughout the years. We have always aimed to be one of the most reliable residential roofers and being recognized for our services is quite humbling.

Angie’s List® Super Service Award What It Means for You


We give our gratitude to Angie’s List and of course our clients who have shown their support and satisfaction through the reviews they have written online. Without your appreciation for our services, we wouldn’t be able to earn a spot in this prestigious lineup by Angie’s List.

The Super Service Award

To qualify for the Super Service Award, Angie’s List performs a thorough background check on every business. It also ensures that we follow the platform’s operational guidelines. Apart from that, we are required to have a minimum number of reviews posted on our Angie’s List profile. We should be able to maintain an “A” rating in overall grade, review period grade and recent grade.

Meeting all these requirements has been an achievement for us. But with or without awards, we can confidently provide the service you need, whether it’s roofing replacement or roof cleaning.

About Angie’s List

Angie’s List is a platform that connects consumers to qualified and trustworthy businesses and it enables customers to review the services of these companies. It also provides a range of tools to enhance the experience of both customers and professionals. There are over 700 service categories on the site as well as approximately 10 million verified reviews, which help other customers make well-informed decisions on hiring businesses.

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