Exterior Design Trends: Matching Your Roof with the Rest of Your Home’s Exterior

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The exterior of your home is a canvas where functionality meets aesthetics, and the roofing plays a pivotal role in both protecting your house and defining its visual appeal. As homeowners in the greater Pittsburgh area seek to enhance their properties, aligning the roofing with the overall exterior design has become a focal point in contemporary home aesthetics.

exterior design trends in Pittsburgh

Trends in Exterior Design

In recent years, exterior design trends have shifted toward a fusion of modern and traditional styles, emphasizing a harmonious blend of functionality and visual allure. The Pittsburgh area, known for its mix of historic and contemporary architecture, has seen an evolution in exterior design preferences, ranging from classic and timeless to sleek and modern.

Harmonizing Your Roof with the Exterior

When considering the roofing material and color, it’s essential to align it with the overall design scheme of your house. Traditional homes in the area often feature slate, shingle, or metal roofs, while more modern houses may lean towards metal or flat roofing with neutral or bold colors to create a statement.

Color Palette and Material Selection

Selecting the right roofing material and color is crucial. For seamless integration with traditional-style homes, slate or clay tile roofs in earthy tones complement the classic architecture prevalent in some Pittsburgh neighborhoods. On the other hand, modern homes can benefit from metal roofing with sleek lines and colors like grey, black, or even copper, offering a contemporary appeal.

Architectural Features and Roof Design

Architectural elements play a vital role in unifying the overall look of your home. Gables, dormers, and even the pitch of the roof should complement the house’s style. Modern designs might incorporate flat or low-slope roofs, while traditional homes may boast steeper pitches and more intricate rooflines.

roof design trends in Pittsburgh

Professional Guidance and Implementation

Consulting with roofing experts like MHI Roofing can provide invaluable insights into the best roofing materials, colors, and designs that complement your house’s exterior. Their expertise and experience can help homeowners make informed decisions, ensuring a cohesive look that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal and value of the property.

Elevate Your Home’s Appeal

Coordinating your roof with the exterior design of your house is an essential step in enhancing curb appeal and creating a cohesive and visually appealing look. By considering architectural style, color palettes, and material choices, homeowners in the greater Pittsburgh area can achieve a harmonious balance that elevates the overall appeal of their homes.


The exterior of your home, including the roofing, is a significant aspect of its character and charm. By carefully considering the design trends, architectural features, and material choices, you can create a stunning exterior that reflects your style while seamlessly integrating with the aesthetic identity of your community.

For expert guidance and roofing solutions tailored to your home’s design, contact MHI Roofing today. With their expertise and dedication to quality, they can assist in selecting and implementing roofing solutions that perfectly complement your home’s exterior, ensuring a beautifully coordinated and enduring look. Call today to schedule a free estimate.