Q & A: Answering Rarely Asked Important Roof Questions

Not all good questions about roofs are asked often enough. Sometimes, those that could elicit extremely insightful responses rarely get mentioned.

In the name of advancing consumer education, MHI Roofing wants to answer the least common (but never pointless) questions about all things roof repairing and replacement.

Which Will Last Longer: a High-Slope Roof or a Shallow-Pitch One?

Proper drainage is the cornerstone of roof longevity. The steeper the pitch, the better the roof can drain water more efficiently. For this reason, highly sloped roofs are less susceptible to moisture damage.

Then again, pitched roofing systems could face unique problems. A high degree of roof slope could put some materials at a great elevation. Such shingles are doomed to deteriorate more quickly due to more exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

What Is Roof Flashing?

Flashing is a piece of material designed to cover inevitable breaks in the roofing system. Usually, flashings are used to waterproof joints and penetrations.

Credentialed new roof contractors would attest that regular maintenance of flashings matters because any damage to them will almost certainly result in a leak.

Is Roof Algae Removal Worth the Trouble?

Blue-green algae consume minerals in asphalt shingles. These microscopic pests do not pose a structural threat to the overall roof, but they appear as filthy stains.

If curb appeal is important to you (and it should be), you should make every effort to prevent algae growth. However, steer clear of pressure-washing to avoid dislodging surface granules and forcing the water through the shingles.

How Far Should Shingles Be Over the Edge?

Any experienced expert provider of house exterior services knows that shingle overhangs should not extend beyond the drip edge by over ¾ inch. Otherwise, rainwater could bypass the gutters and head straight to the ground. The excessively long overhangs could also be an invitation for birds.

Let MHI Roofing answer your most pressing questions about roofs in order to make an informed decision in your project. Call (412) 203-8129 to schedule your appointment with us and get a free inspection.