Tips on Cooling a Hot Attic this Summer

Tips on Cooling a Hot Attic this Summer

A hot attic brings about many problems — from the growth of mold and mildew to soaring energy bills and curling of asphalt shingles. It continues to contribute to the premature breakdown of roofing systems across the country. Despite all this, many homeowners still disregard the importance of having a properly ventilated attic. A commercial roofing contractor shares some tips on how to cool a hot attic, particularly in the summer season. 

Tips on Cooling a Hot Attic this Summer


Electric Ventilators or Attic Fans

Fans are some of the most useful sources of ventilation in the attic. They help cool a hot room by drawing warm, stale air out from the space. Some models come with smart thermostats which you can set ahead of time to turn on the fan at a desired temperature.

Attic Insulation

Installing adequate insulation in the attic is a tricky business — but it does not have to be. Across the country, residential owners are losing up to 35% of their heating and cooling expenses directly through their roofs. Though it is easy to put the blame on improperly sealed windows and doors, the role of attic insulation should not be overlooked.

Most residential roofers recommend that attics have about 12” to 15” of fiberglass insulation. If your attic already has some insulation, use unfaced insulation when adding more. If your attic does not have insulation at all, select faced insulation.

Passive Vents

An alternative to mechanical ventilation, you can install passive vents in your roof to allow it to breathe, especially during the dog days of summer. Some examples of passive vents are gable, soffit, and ridge vents. If you already have them, make sure that they are fully functioning by scheduling regular maintenance visits.

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