Ways to Discourage Bird Nesting Successfully

Ways to Discourage Bird Nesting Successfully

It is not uncommon to find a bird’s nest in gutters. As much as you want to respect critters and their space, you ought to keep your house free of pests too.

Trying to coexist with animals in harmony is one of the biggest challenges of living in a civilized world. Birds will always try to encroach on your property when given the chance, so make every effort to keep them at bay to your house, its contents, and your loved ones.

Ways to Discourage Bird Nesting Successfully


To keep any bird from building a nest in your gutters, seasoned roofing experts like MHI Roofing recommends the measures below.

Get Rid of Lengthy Shingle Overhangs

Having overly extended shingle overhangs can make your gutters more attractive to unwanted housemates. Birds could feel safer under the protruding material, for it can serve as protection against the elements and give them some privacy to stay out of view of potential predators.

Ideally, your shingles should stick out anywhere between ½ to ¾ inch from the roof edge. If they go beyond your gutters, schedule a roof repair job as soon as possible to make the proper correction.

Take Gutter Cleaning Seriously

More often than not, dirty gutters already have the materials birds need to nest in peace. Dead foliage, fallen twigs, and other pieces of debris these animals could find useful to shelter their eggs and hatchlings.

Make routine cleaning a habit to prevent gutter clogging. Since bird’s nests are blockages themselves, you have one more reason to keep your entire gutter system spotless, especially before spring when the nesting season usually begins.

Trim Branches Hovering Over Your Roof

Many cases of storm repair damage are related to trees. They could bruise building components with abrasive overhanging limbs or even fall down and create a massive hole in the roof. Last but not least, trees are abundant sources of gutter debris.

If you have some towering ones, make sure that they are at least 10 feet away from your house. If they are too close, try cutting their long branches to help decrease the chances of gutter clogging.

Discouraging bird nesting should be your primary goal. But if a family of birds already invaded your property, seek with local wildlife removal service to handle these winged intruders with care and avoid culpability in case some legally protected animals get hurt in the process.

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